get your word out

3 Marketing Strategies


Broad market reach


Educating the audience


A direct offer


WHAT: Broad-Awareness campaigns may contribute to business success. It's best used when the brand is unknown, but even then, it should be campaign-based.
HOW: Combine it with a real-value-offer, and use short-term.
RISK: Audience will become aware and adapt to ignoring the messages.

WHAT: Comprehension marketing is about creating information-based campaigns filled with insight. Pinpoint functionality, specifications, and performance.
HOW: Use especially during launch of a new product or service, and if technically better than the competition. Make audience understand your USP's.
RISK: Continuous boasting about best-offering can cause loss of perceived authenticity and credibility.

WHAT: Communication for response focuses on engagement-based metrics, conversations and conversions. It's made to have the target audience respond to both the intermediate and main call-to-action.
HOW: Establish personal connection with audience through honest empathy, mutual respect and added value. Prioritize customer issues.
RISK: Your company owner might make you a partner if this is executed well, adding a whole new set of worries to your life.

Lead Generation


Scandinavian XPO


Marketing, Communication

Marketing and general communication project for Scandinavian XPO, being developed to become Scandinavia’s most convenient location for expo’s, fairs, and meeting conferences.

More than 1 billion SEK is invested into Scandinavian XPO which is being built minutes from Scandinavia’s largest airport, and will become vital part of 'Airport City Stockholm', a brand new city being planned in the area in coming years. The location makes SXPO ideally suited to accommodate both exhibitors and guests, for all kinds of fairs and events.
Nevermynd was asked to help interpret the owners vision, package it and develop a lead-generation website to create attention and generate sales opportunities for this massive multi-use faciliy using SEO, Adwords, and Social Media Marketing.



Velocity Black


Marketing, Strategy, Sales

Velocity Black is a do-it-all lifestyle concierge wich started in Los Angeles 2014. The app has a 24/seven chat feature with a guaranteed response time of one minute. Velocity caters to a very active audience and the members have an avererage net-worth of around $7 million. The price of the service is $2,800 per year + a $900 initiation fee.

Among Velocity’s offerings are a culinary tour of Copenhagen, including dinner at Noma, rated one of the world’s best restaurants, as well as exclusive packages for the Super Bowl and Sundance Film Festival, to name a few. Members also have access to a host of experiences around the world, including parties at the Grammys, the Oscars and Art Basel, and exclusive clubhouses at the Coachella festival and in Ibiza.

Nevermynd is advising Velocity Black as it enters the Swedish market in 2019.