DIALOG arrange network-meetings aimed at workskills-development. The meetings focus on meaningful dialog - and the exhange of knowledge between driven professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who work in similar roles and face related challanges and opportunities. Each meeting is carefully planned to create valuable conversations that help solve strategic questions - as well as build lasting professional relationships.

DIALOG engage in what they call 'lateral mentorship' between capable individuals - a notion which has been perfected over the years by their sister-company CLOSE. The concept help transfer valauble knowledge and experince between members of each group, allowing all participants to gain from one aother.

Nevermynd is communicating and marketing DIALOG on the web as well as on social platforms.
The website was built in Wordpress to match their sister company's site.


We love the website and the communication strategy outlined for us. 
The leads are pooring in and we are ready to rock!
-Robert Goth, CEO Dialog Kompetensutveckling