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If brand is the core, and copy & design are the building blocks, a clear strategy & plan make up the foundation of your Direction and How to communicate.

A communication strategy is a vision to move from where you are now, to where you want to be. It's a type of solution that deals with uncertainty. It raises the probability that you will reach your goals as outlined, and it does so mostly by creating conditions that allow for this outcome.

A strategy includes statements of intent, is purposefully unspecific, ready to be altered and improved, and it speaks to your overall direction.

A communication plan, on the other hand, deals with the specifics that must be done. It is a programme, or arrangement with a very definite purpose. It's concrete in nature and if well created doesn’t allow for much deviation. At its most basic, a communication plan is a communicated course of action, aimed at reaching or exceeding a specific goal, with a predetermined timeframe.

When comparing a strategy and a plan, we see that strategy helps us understand what it is we want to achieve, and the plan lays out How we will practically go about doing it.

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Strategy, Branding, Marketing

STRATEGY FIRST worked well for KASAI, who was facing unique challenges.

The owners were evaluating new locations for expansion, none of which were similar in form or size to the original space, which featured a fine-dining experience on the top floor, a lively bar by the entrance, and a dinnerclub in the basement.

Regulars who knew what to expect at Kasai loved the place, but those who arrived for the first time was sometimes surprised by the unique atmosphere downstairs, or the lack thereof in the fine-dining area.

Two new locations were chosen for the expansion. One with a very small diningroom & kitchen. The other was larger, but without the possibility for a dinnerclub. The bigger space was also located inside a posh hotel, which had to be taken in consideration.

The Challenge: To expand with 2 more locations at once, tying them all together under the Kasai umbrella with similar food, while making sure that first-time guest could understand what to expect, regardless of which location, or room they were about to visit.


The Solution: Kasai Dinnerclub was renamed 'Kasai Restaurant & Cocktailbar', while the downstairs dinnerclub got the new name 'OCHAYA Dinnerclub', thus separating the fine-dining experience from the club. This allowed for another opening of Kasai Restaurant inside the posh hotel, making it easier for new guest understand and expect a dining experience instead of a club. Simultaneusly the creation of 'Mini Kasai Sushi Bar & Take-away' was born in the smaller location, serving cold dishes from the original menu.

The website was designed to clearly show the different locations and ambiances, making it easier for customers to understand what to expect. The same was done with all Social Media channels, to reflect the 3 different styles. The launch of the new loactions was made with a Comprehension-Campaign, forcusing on teaching guests what to expect even before they had walked in. After some time the marketing was gradually shifted towards more specialized response-type offers.

The Outcome: Today, both Kasai and OCHAYA have less complaints by first-time visitors, and the new Mini Kasai see a different type of clientele, often stopping in for quick bite, a lunch, or take-away. The party crowd knows to dine and drink in OCHAYA, while those who wish to have an elegant experience find their way to Kasai Restaurant & Cocktailbar.