Close was founded in 2001 and it is Sweden’s leading executive network. They arrange professional network meetings focusing on skills development, exchange of knowledge, and executive training for Swedish leaders and executives.

Close have 1500 active participants from more than 12 management sectors such as CEO's, IT, HR, Marketing, Communications, Customer Relations, Sales and Purshasing. Membership groups are active in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and Luleå.

Nevermynd started working with Close in 2018 by implementing a new brand-plattform designed by ROST Agency and is currently handling Strategic Communication and Marketing for the company. The work range from Content Creation (like the video above) to Social Media StrategySEO and Media Buying


"The buzz, the number of leads and the overall market knowledge of Close
has never been this high. We have a big year ahead of us!"
Niklas Grewin, CEO Close Chefsnätverk