The Swedish E-sport Federation's purpose is to promote e-sports in Sweden.  So far all is well.

But to do this successfully, you need members.  And even better is, if you have members that care.  We set out to help SESF create a membership that stood out and was easily shareable, because as they say - sharing is caring. 

The board of the federation knew what they wanted - a membership that looked and felt modern, but gave an homage to the breif history of gaming.  They also wanted something that was easily shared and felt authentic and trustworthy. 

We hooked them up with, an online service which allows organisations and coampnies to issue 100% secure and verifiable proofs and documents - which are always available digitally, but can just as easily be printed, hung and verified when framed on a wall or a desk. 

Below you can see a screenshot of the result, but for the animated, Tron-version go ahead and click the link: Adam Bäcklin, Styrelseledamot


When the design was agreen upon it was easy to have TrueCrt recreate it in their system and then SESF could issue 1,2, or 5000 memberships within minutes.  And every digital document becomes impossible to fake and instantly verifiable as real. 

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