In todays world of Fake News, TrueCrt can be a blessing to small and large organizations, as well as students and companies who receive accreditations as proof of skills or accomplishments. 

Achievements are the building blocks that enable us to construct a positive sense of self. Each block move us closer to a feeling of success - or at the very least, further from a sense of failure.

Whether right or not, achievements provide tangible evidence which our colleagues, competitors and the wider world use to judge us, as more or less successful.

The achievements we value most help form a version of success that has meaning and substance. They give us strength, and often courage. They matter.

TrueCrt let companies make the most out of education, employee programs, and other valuable recognitions of achievement. By securing the documents that recognize the achievement itself - making them impossible to fake, and verifiable anywhere, by anyone

The TrueCrt plattform allows organizations to create and distribute stunning digital records, including certifications & diplomas, awards & recognitions, honors & endorsements, memberships & credentials, as well as many others imortant official accreditations. 

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