Velocity Black was founded in London in 2014 and currently has offices there, as well as in New York and Los Angeles. The number of members is in the ‘thousands’ and its clientele varies from tech entrepreneurs to supermodels and pop stars, including Swedish Elsa Hosk as a ‘Founding Member’ together with among others, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Joe Jonas.

“For most members, Velocity Black offer 3 things. Saving time, getting access, and getting inspiration when you are in new cities. For the celebrities who are members the access may not be the primary, but for everyone else it is key, says Patrik Slettman, who is an advisor for the company.

Patrik continues: “Many members work hard and see the possibility with a 24/7 assistant in their phone as interesting when they first hear about the service, but it is so much more than that, and you only understand this once you start using the app. The founders of Velocity have understood something many others miss – that technology enables new interactions, but it is still individuals with connections in their respective cities that make the service truly unique. You do not only have an assistant in your phone, you have an assistant with a network of INSIDERS worldwide, who also have systems in place to resolve most requests. The network of people, coupled with this system creates the strength of VB, and we get better every month!”

Velocity’s members are invited by other members, or apply through those who work with the company. Today, more than 60 countries are represented and, according to the company, they have a combined wealth of over 300 million dollars.

Among the more extravagant experiences offered in the closed network is to fly the combat jet, swim with orcas, go to the Oscars after-party or book a seat for a trip into space. In the future, Velocity also plans to offer VIP contacts in healthcare, all to give members quick and smart help in their everyday lives.

In Sweden, you can already book an experience in the wilderness of Arvidsjaur together with a guide, you can box with former heavyweight champion Attila Levin, or rent the entire amusement park Gröna Lund. You also get access to Sweden’s best restaurants and concerts, all by pressing a couple buttons on your phone.

A membership for those invited costs $ 2,800, corresponding to about SEK 24,000 per year. In addition, a start-up fee is added the first time.

The price, says founder Zia Yusef, has not been a barrier. “When you offer the most convenient way to access the best experiences the world has to offer, the price is relatively low. I have had several members who commented that they would have paid much more for what they get. Some members use us almost daily.”

He continues, “I already see signs that we can become a very attractive alternative for many people in the Nordic countries. People are discerning about how they spend their money, they travel a lot and are aware of trends in terms of travel destinations, such as newly opened hotels & restaurants. In general, I feel that our members want exceptional experiences. They work hard and when they are off, they are not at home watching tv-series.”

As far as trips are concerned, Velocity Black promises cheaper travel in 1st class and business, and upgrades in hotels when there is a possibility with the hotels they work with.

Apps like Uber, Spotify, Netflix and others are all examples of how we today strive for simplicity, and to save time. Velocity really takes that concept all the way, and they have undoubtedly found a model that many not only are ready to pay for, but do not want to be without once they try it.

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