Tribal people follow their own way of life. They are a social group, largely self-sufficient, and clearly different from the mainstream society surrounding them.

Create Tribe's Visual Identity & Brand was made to inspire influencers to partner with this LA-Agency to offer their own products. The idea is to turn followers into tribe members, moving fans closer to the tastemaker.

Tribes date back more than 30,000 years. To create a link between this new Agency operating in a digital age with the old tribal heritage, we infused several visual elements into Create Tribe's Visual Identity. Patterns were used to establish a feeling of man-made, a care for their environment, and to highlight the Agency's will to inhabit spaces with great energy. Patterns are great visual aides to establish unity between the digital presence and physical form.

An Agency that create brands around influencers must offer something to help make great of the followers the influencer already has. Followers are of course fans, or at least have a degree of interest in the persona which the brand is going to be built around. The question became, how do we best represent an ability to authentically strengthen connections? Well, tribes are a social group that in many ways exist as a unit. They care for each other, and for the environment they inhabit.


An early step in the branding process was to create an impactful logotype. Something that influencers would feel drawn to and would fit in their world. As soon as a successful product & influencer partnership is made, others should easily recognize that the force behind the colab was Create Tribe, attracting more tastemakers and setting the stage for future opportunities. Tribes around the world use ceremonial masks which are given profound meaning. We wanted to harness the ritual power of masks without making the face recognizable as of any specific origin or time-period.
We imagined the most basic mask we could think of, and used the 2 first letters of the brand name C + T, then we broke the C and trurned it to make the bottom part of the face.

"We love the logo and brand! Thanks you!"
-Jeff Smith, CEO & Founder, Create Tribe