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with a growth mindset

At Nevermynd we strive to add value, regardless of setup.

To us, partnerships are always about finding synergies and win-win situations. We believe that colaborations should benefit both parties beyond the financial. When they do, they often become long-lasting and meaningful.

We happily take the lead when digitializing a traditional organization, manage software projects, or help a company break in to the nordics.
Wether you need to update your website, build a new webshop, or create an exciting video campaign, we can lead you to reach the best possible result for every dollar spent. If your wish is to grow digitally -give us a call. If we for some reason can't help you, chances are we know someone who can.

Web Development


Milestone Magazine


Web Dev, Communication

A new site development project for Milestone Magazine.

The owners of Milestione were tired if their old design and lack of modern capabilities. The online presence needed a facelift and some new functions.
Nevermynd was asked to help design and package the new and improve online magazine. A fun project which we finished in about a month.

"The site looks x10 better than before! Thanks for the fast work!"
-Sam, CEO of Milestone Magazine.